Senior Associate

Michael Wilmot is a professional actor and the owner of Interactions Reality Based Training Inc. Mike has been successfully involved with scenario-based training for the last twenty years. In this capacity, he has worked with Policing & Security Management Services Inc. for the past ten years. Working in conjunction with our instructors, Mike brings to life actual risks, challenges, and events faced by our clients through reality based role-playing scenarios. Our clients for these services include public health units, healthcare, federal and provincial agencies, port authorities, and the mining industry.

Mike’s talents have taken him to South East Asia, Mexico, Australia; and, across Canada and the United States with clients that include the Ontario Police College, a global auditing and advisory corporation, financial institutions, universities, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Mike is adept at introducing reality into role-playing scenarios while emphasizing teaching points and offering visceral feedback to participants. He also spent several years in radio as an on-air personality. Mike spends part of his time as a professional playwright and comedy writer, having written for the Tonight Show monologue and Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” segment.