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Bill C-26 – The Citizen’s Arrest and Self-defence Act

Bill C-26, The Citizen’s Arrest and Self-defence Act, came into force on March 11, 2013. The Bill has amended the Criminal Code with respect to private citizen (and security) arrests, self-defence, and defense of property. Policies, procedures, practices, and training should be revised and realigned with these new Criminal Code changes.

Alberta Bill 10 – Security Services and Investigators Act

Alberta Security Services and Investigators Act mandatory training took effect June 1, 2011 encompassing in-house and contract security personnel, alarm responders, and loss prevention. The legislation includes mandatory 40-hour Use of Force training to qualify to carry a baton, written policy and procedures, PPCT training standards, and trainer accreditation.

Bill 168 – Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act Amendment

Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act,  as amended by Bill 168, makes Workplace Violence and Harassment programs mandatory for all employers and includes risk assessments, appropriate counter measures, immediate response procedures, and a reporting – investigative process. Work refusal rights are expanded and domestic violence associated to the workplace is included.

Quebec Private Security Act

Quebec Private Security Act is fully in force encompassing security guards, private investigators, transportation of valuables services, locksmiths, electronic systems, and consultants. Mandatory minimum training is set at 70 hours for security guards and 135 hours for private investigators.

Ontario Bill 159 – Private Security and Investigative Services Act

Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act and thirteen regulations are in full effect. In-house security employers and employees must now be compliant with registration, licensing, training and testing requirements. Policing & Security Management Services Inc. continues to monitor the application of the Act and regulations and develop corresponding compliance plans for our clients.

In Search of Security: The Future of Policing in Canada

In July 2006 the Law Commission of Canada released this comprehensive 196-page report to Parliament addressing the concept of “policing” as a network of both public policing and private security. Policing & Security Management Services Inc. is pleased to have been a contributor. Read the report here: In Search of Security

Security Services: Here Comes the Future!

A Policing & Security Management Services Inc. article in the July 2005 edition of Municipal World™ Magazine – “Canada’s Municipal Magazine Since 1891” Read the article here: Security Services: Here Comes the Future